Tally Solutions

Tally Solutions 9.0

Tally Software is the choice in the corporate companies

Tally Software Delhi is versatile and massive software package. It is used by various types of trade and industry.
The new option directory have been introduced to specify Data Directory in the Company Creation Screen. Tally keep data for one company in one drive/ directory. Tally lock storage device is used to share the information quickly.

Tally Solutions vault is used to keep the data in encrypted format instead of Normal form. All the profitability reports, invoice wise reports, item wise reports , godown wise reports are summarized easily. Display all vouchers for a grouping method. Income and expenditure statement also available to view Profit and loss account. Using the Tally software Defined Language, we customize the user friendly environment to the organization. Tally is availability on windows 95, 98, XP, 2000, NT and Linux. This software is run on single personal computer, LAN and WAN. If on a Network supports access via any combination of platforms. It's a complete Accounting package for your business.

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